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Market Solutions

Cybex equipment is used in a wide variety of facilities – from commercial health clubs to college campuses to military installations. Learn about the specialized programs and applications that are available for your type of fitness facility.

College Fitness

By creating well-equipped campus fitness centers, colleges and universities demonstrate to prospective students that they value healthy bodies as well as curious minds. With durable, low-maintenance Cybex equipment, institutions can tailor top-notch fitness centers to virtually any space.

Multi-Family Housing

With durable, low-maintenance Cybex equipment, residences can tailor a desirable, health club-quality fitness center to virtually any space. We design Cybex gear to be easy to learn and use, so residents can work out effectively without the need of gym staff or trainers.

Firehouse Fitness

For emergency responders, maintaining peak condition is part of the job. Cybex works with fire departments nationwide to create professional-quality exercise areas that work within space and budget constraints.

Golf & Country Clubs

Nearly all professional golfers work out on Cybex equipment. That means opportunity for country clubs seeking to keep members engaged in the off-season. Cybex can not only help clubs create small-footprint workout spaces, but also help educate club boards on the cost/benefit advantages of our equipment.

Health Club Equipment & Resources

When members get results, they keep coming back - and they bring their friends. Cybex's premium cardio & strength equipment is designed around real science to deliver results to members. It’s built to endure constant use. With our Cybex education programs you will keep health club staff and trainers on the leading edge of effective workout practices.

Home Fitness

A home gym outfitted with Cybex equipment can deliver science-based, health-club-level workout results in a surprisingly small space. Built for durability and easy operation, Cybex machines are a worthwhile investment for homeowners who care about fitness and require convenience.

Hotels & Spas

Many travelers today - especially frequent travelers like businesspeople - place a high value on exercise. With durable, low-maintenance, easy-to-use Cybex equipment, hotels and spas can tailor a health club-quality fitness center to virtually any space.

Military & Government

Training with Cybex equipment, military men and women can be sure they’re prepared to meet the physical demands of duty under the most demanding conditions. Durable, USA-built Cybex equipment also brings fitness to personnel at non-military government installations across the globe.

Personal Trainers

When personal trainers deliver results, their clients keep coming back and tell their friends about their amazing experience. Built on science, Cybex equipment optimizes the client’s premium workout experience. And Cybex education programs keep trainers on the leading edge of effective workout practices.

Workplace Fitness

Healthy employees are a win-win for employers: they’re more productive, and their health care costs are lower. Cybex can help workplaces create health club-quality exercise spaces that workers want to use.

Sports Fitness

Sports professionals and other high-performance athletes achieve peak power when they train at high power levels. With Cybex equipment, they can reach and surpass their most powerful potential.

YMCA/JCC Staff Training & Fitness

We partner with YMCAs/JCCs across the country because we believe in their goal of providing a space for their communities to be healthy and grow. Our fitness courses at the Cybex Research Institute have been invaluable resources for YMCAs/JCCs and their personal trainers engage with their communities.